Zibo Chuangye Chem Technology Co,. Ltd.

        Zibo Chuangye Biological Technology Co., Ltd.was founded in 2013, is located in Zichuan Economic Development Zone Business Industrial Park, around the high-speed, national highway, railway network, traffic is very convenient, the logistics is very smooth, fast and efficient information, provides abundant foundation for the rapid development of enterprises. Zibo Chuangye Biological Technology Co. Ltd. is the main production of castor oil modified product, is the city of Zibo Chemical Industry Chamber of Commerce Director unit.
        Venture Biotechnology Co., Ltd. Shanxi and Zibo North Central University, University of Jinan, and many other scientific research institutes to establish a close technical cooperation relationship, and hired a number of experts as my company's technical consultant. After years of efforts, the experts in scientific research units and the essence of the Zib…

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